DispatchTender - Engage in a more valuable drayage network

DispatchTender differs from previous unsuccessful attempts to optimize drayage moves between originator and motor carriers by respecting the economics and the operational capabilities of the motor carrier so that an optimized move truly benefits both originators and motor carriers. Both parties have equal say in the process – a work order is not assigned until both originator and receiver have agreed on the rate. DispatchTender gives motor carriers more visibility into possible jobs, a new pool of work, and a networking venue to get noticed and win more business.

Additionally, motor carriers may bid in order to secure one-way moves that can be used for trip triangulation. These added street-turn opportunities mean motor carriers can: • Fill excess capacity or gain extra volume by making use of a previously empty truck • Reduce environmental impact of fuel consumption, pollution, and congestion • Save on wait time, gate costs, storage costs and handling costs

Learn more about DispatchTender in the following video: