DispatchTariff - a more efficient and convenient process

Picture the scene. Dispatchers holding on the phone for rate information. Workflow disrupted by the wait for partners to come back and confirm rates through fax or email. A stack of fresh sheets waiting for someone to file them in the rate binder and take out the old papers. Or Excel spreadsheets needing to be updated and circulated. Who is checking that all your dispatchers are using the latest version of the file? Traditional methods of rate management create a constant administrative headache for busy dispatch departments.

Today, the companies consistently achieving the best prices in the most efficient way are doing so with centralized, automated global rate management technology. Move beyond pouch-updated rate binders and slash the time spent chasing down rates by phone, fax, and email with simple, intuitive on-demand software that gives your whole dispatch department reliable rate information when and where they need it, within their dispatch screens. Release your team from tedious administration for more productive and rewarding activity, moving work orders faster and ensuring the very best prices for the job.

Learn more about DispatchTariff in the following video: