Client Services Survey Satisfaction Results

IAS has developed its reputation as an industry front runner by providing personal service and support to a global community of connected clients and their intermodal partners. Whether you need assistance or have a service issue that requires integration, implementation or technical support, representatives are available by phone or email 24/7. Each month IAS randomly surveys customers on their satisfaction with client services and the results are used to improve the quality of service. IAS is proud to share these positive results and comments.

Monthly Survey Results

Customers are asked what their overall satisfaction with IAS' customer support is on a scale of 1 to 10. The following are the results:

Client Services' Customer Quotes

I'm not sure how you can improve; my dealings with IAS have been awesome. The whole team is very courteous and quick to respond. Of all the websites and steamship lines I deal with daily, yours is the best.
- Cindy Polomsky, Trans International Trucking

You don't need to improve, service is excellent!
- Chris Miller, CC Containers Pty Ltd, Australia

No suggestions needed. Very happy with the exceptionally quick responses and results.
- Cindy Polomsky, Trans International Trucking

Client service is excellent. Staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and accessible.
- Todd Roth, Top Ten Global Shipping Line

Whenever I have had a problem and have emailed the support team they have done an exceptional job at getting right back to me to let me know someone is in fact working on the issue. It is a big plus for me that it’s not computer generated.
- Chrisana Brumage, Crown Container Inc.

My questions were answered quickly and my problems were solved in a little over an hour Great Customer service!! I loved it!
- Christy Bright, Devine Intermodal

From my contact with IAS support, they are already doing a great job, I am overall very satisfied with responses to all my requests. Keep it up.
- Cheng, Sion-May, GE SeaCo

I can't think of any improvements for the moment. Very quick and good service. Worked immediately.
- Anonymous, Top Ten Global Shipping Line

IAS provided very good and knowledgeable help with what i needed.
- Sabrina Onesti, NYK Line (North America), Inc.

I think IAS has worked very well for us. If we do have any problems they are fixed right away.
- Debbie Ackley, Intransit Container Trucking

I don't see a need for improvement. Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable, and I always receive amazingly fast responses.
- Cindy Polomsky, Trans International Trucking

I have no problems with Client Services. They always respond promptly, whether email or telephone and they are very competent and always very courteous.
- Steve Trimarco, NYK Line (North America), Inc.

IAS surpassed my expectations. I could hardly get a question formulated in my mind and before I could say anything, the Rep had covered the concern. I was always pretty much speechless, except for "Thank you" a lot.
- Jean Hagen, Multi-Modal Transport, Inc.

I feel your Client Services team to be responsive and knowledgeable. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into employee training.
- Anonymous, Top Ten Global Shipping Line

Client Services walk you through whatever problem you are having until it is corrected which has taught me something new to the point I won't have to bother them as much.
- Michell Tate, NYK Line (North America), Inc.

I know that it's said, "there is always room for improvement for everything", but the whole experience with IAS Client Services was excellent, keep up the great work.
- Dianna Johnson, First Coast Logistics Services

So far, in my experience, this has been the best steamship web site we work with for instruction, response time, and ease of use for billing purposes. The Rep was excellent in his response time and also knowledge of the issue I was having and how to resolve it. It was taken care of while we spoke on the phone, right at 5pm. Impressive!
- Linda Elonich, TSL Companies

Everything is running smooth now I have been help quickly and my issue have been resolved right away I don't see where there is room for improvement at this time.
- Steve Faucett, Hamburg Sud

They answered my questions quickly and were very friendly. No room for improvement!! :)
- Angela Barnett, Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc.

IAS Client Services is very professional and helpful.
- Patti Touma, Maritime Container Services, Australia

My dealings with IAS Client Services have been awesome. The whole team is very courteous and quick to respond. Of all the websites and steamship lines I deal with daily, yours is the best.
- Cindy Polomsky, Trans International Trucking

IAS Client Services are great, feedback promptly, politely and exactly.
- James - Tran Minh Dinh, Phuoc Long ICD Port, Vietnam

I enjoy dealing with the IAS staff. The Rep called me personally to discuss my problem and was going to contact the Shipping Line directly to assist them on their end. It's great to work with a company who cares and doesn't hesitate to get involved.
- Cindy Szabo, Trans International Trucking

My experience was positive and my query handled efficiently. No improvements are required.
- Carlos Martinez, Trealship Services Inc.

IAS Representative are very patient, kind, and very helpful. They do not let a person feel that they are a bother.
- Susan Medina, Top 10 Global Shipping Line

I have used so many M+R online system, IAS is the best of all of them.
- Tony Huang, Brigantine Group

I have had nothing but positive experiences with all your staff.
- Sandy Schweitzer, Landstar - Gemini / Online Transport

I don't really see anything at this time that needs improvement. Your site is very self explanatory. I like it much more than the previous IAS site.
- Dan Romanowski, C BASE Containers, Chassis & Transportation

The support desk is very fast to answer if I have any questions. The EDI transmissions works and we have no contact with IAS which is very good.
- Gunilla Wagner, Lundby Container Service LCS AB

Working with Jim and James has been a pleasure and they work with us on whatever we need. At this junction I really don't see any issues.
- Sarah Waltz, ZIM

What can I say? Everything was excellent...thank you!
- Tammy Clements, US Transportation

Doing a great job. I was helped in a quick manner!!
- Kelli Wingate, RCS Group

So far me experience with IAS has exceeded my expectations. It has always been a pleasure working with the employees.
- Anthony Norwood, NW Container Services T115

The client service is good. The response is always on time.
- Milagros Ruiz Seclen, CCNI Container Logistics

Service was prompt and efficent. I can not see a way to improve from my experience. Thanks again for the support provided!
- Angela Mikkelsen, ContainerCare A/S

Thanks for your solve the problem immediately.
- Sun Mei, Dalian Yuntong Container

The system is very fast. Nothing needs to be updated.
- Rungnapa, Star Pacific Terminal

Very good service, fast and effective!
- Peter Arkless, Containerships (UK) Ltd

My experience was flawless.
- Bryan Rahn, Tennessee Commercial Warehouse

Very courteous and professional.
- Kenneth Terwilliger, Werner Enterprises

I have always had quick and effective response sending e-mail requests to Nothing I can think of to improve on within my experiences.
- Peter Avanzato, Triton Container

We are very satisfied with the Client Service from IAS!!!!
- John Wiegersma, Kramer Group

Warm, active and professional
-Cao Fengkuo, Shandong Eimskip Container Depot Co.,Ltd

I'm very satisfied with IAS Client Services, Quick and helpful reply.
-Liang Yanhui, Greating Fortune Shanghai Depot

The client services of IAS is perfect.
-John Schippers, Transmo B.V.

IAS´s client service team has provided us a good support and they have helped us in everything we needed til now and we have no suggestions for while.
-Nadiége Santana, Hipercon Terminais de Cargas Ltda.

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