EquipmentRepair unites the global network of repair depots, streamlines data exchange and automates the M&R approval process, resulting in higher equipment utilization.

EquipmentRepair for Triton


Triton faced difficulties in exchanging maintenance and repair (M&R) information with its global network of repair depots. The process of capturing repair estimates and associated status updates required operations staff to be deeply involved in non-core activities. High error rates on M&R and gate event information received from depots made managing Triton’s global network of repair depots inefficient. Too much of the operation staff’s time was being spent finding and correcting vendors’ mistakes. Additionally, Triton sought a solution that would not only standardize and automate the container repair approval process, but also help them to improve equipment turn time and increase utilization.


IAS EquipmentRepair greatly reduced the staff time needed to manage global M&R operations and helped Triton yield a substantial savings from increased equipment utilization, productivity and efficiency. The IAS solution automated Triton’s M&R activities and streamlined data exchange with its repair depots, flagging vendors’ errors and returning them to be corrected before data was imported into Triton’s systems. Time spent resolving errors was reduced so staff could focus on customer support rather than remedying others’ miscues. Triton realized significant labor savings, freeing up more than two staff hours per day, per office, across the company’s network. Data transmission error rates were reduced to about 2%.


“IAS’s validation and formatting capability catches data errors before they hit our system, sending them back to the vendor to correct. This significantly reduces the error rate and saves a great deal of staff time and money on manual error correction – both for us and for the depots we work with,” says Brian Darnowski, Vice President of Global Operations. Darnowski went on to summarize, “In part because of the efficiencies gained by using IAS’s service, we’ve redeployed people from operations to logistics to provide additional value to customers or to market containers. We believe that the increased productivity of our people has more than paid for the cost of the IAS EquipmentRepair service.”

About Triton

Triton is a full-service global leasing company that is the largest owner-lessor of marine intermodal cargo containers in the world. Since 1980, Triton has focused on designing and maintaining a superior quality fleet, providing first-class customer service, and maintaining a selective lessee portfolio. The Triton fleet has grown to become the largest lessor-owned fleet of marine intermodal cargo containers in the world.