DispatchManager automates the work order and invoicing process, enabling NYK to more efficiently manage vendors, improve service responsiveness, and optimize street-turns.

DispatchManager for NYK Line


NYK Line needed a solution that would eliminate the blind spots in their U.S. domestic inland container supply chain as well as automate their work order process. They needed a way to manage their motor carrier vendors, improve their customer service responsiveness, and replace manual processes for invoicing and work orders. Because of the number of motor carriers, rail and terminal locations, and last mile delivery locations in their network, as well as the corresponding point-to- point coordination needed to efficiently manage the movement of containers back to the port, they also needed a cloud-based solution that had established connections to the rail and motor carrier base.


In 2009 NYK Line adopted IAS DispatchManager in order to manage their entire dray dispatch process. The solution provided automatic, electronic documentation and proof-of-deliveries, work order generation, assessorial resolution and invoicing, as well as street-turn optimization. DispatchManager, with easily accessible online information and direct integration into NYK’s existing transportation management system, improved NYK’s customer service by providing timely proof-of-deliveries to customers and faster work order issue resolution. The added visibility allowed NYK Line to match inland and return container moves to reduce empty miles and hence costs.


“We have realized a significant benefit as users of the DispatchManager solution. The solution provided NYK quick onboarding to an expansive intermodal network community, including our own network of motor carriers. Its optimization service utilizes established relationships with carriers of all kinds, from air and trucking companies, to rail freighters and ocean liners,” said Greg Tuthill, Senior Vice President of Sales, adding that “the cloud- based visibility and matching service is an asset to almost any company dealing in international transportation of goods, and is indispensable when multiple parties and events and equipment / container moves need to be coordinated.”

About NYK Line

NYK Line is one of the world’s largest marine transportation providers. The NYK Line fleet - over 775 vessels includes bulk carriers, containerships, tankers, and a variety of specialized vessels - has a capacity of more than 50 million deadweight tons. In conjunction with its marine transportation business, NYK Line operates marine terminals and offers such logistics services as customs clearance, supply chain management, and warehousing.