EquipmentRepair streamlines the M&R cycle by improving depot data exchange, resulting in better management of the repair process and maximized equipment utilization.

EquipmentRepair for Hamburg Süd


Hamburg Süd needed to bring its global network of maintenance and repair (M&R) facilities, storage depots, and local offices together in order to better manage the M&R process. Given the varying conditions faced by its 300+ depot vendors worldwide, they needed a flexible system that would allow data to be exchanged through both EDI and a web-based interface. Hamburg Süd needed to better streamline the container M&R approval process and track, control and reduce costs with efficiency gains made through automated depot communications. They wished to standardize their practices and improve their data transparency in order to give local management teams better visibility, in turn directly impacting M&R costs and equipment turn times.


In 2002 Hamburg Süd adopted the IAS EquipmentRepair solution to facilitate their global M&R approval process, allowing for automated communications across their entire depot network, regardless of their individual technological complexity. EquipmentRepair allowed their users to instantly check the status of a repair, view past repairs, quickly identify any delays in the repair cycle, and even be alerted automatically to anomalies. The automation of data transfer between the carrier’s local offices and third-party depots enabled Hamburg Süd staff to reduce or eliminate time spent on data input and error correction. This increased proactive management of the repair process resulting in reduced M&R costs and increased productivity and efficiency.


“As Hamburg Süd continues to grow, the work involved in managing container M&R also increases. We identified that more global support and connectivity was needed between our repair and storage depot vendors, local Hamburg Süd offices, and our headquarters in Hamburg,” said Martin Schoeler, Deputy Director Logistics and Technology for Hamburg Süd. “We looked at all the available options and found that IAS had the most comprehensive M&R solution on the market”. Schoeler went on to conclude that “having developed a significant list of detailed requirements, we knew exactly what we were looking for and EquipmentRepair was able to meet all of our needs.”

About Hamburg Süd

Established in 1871, the Hamburg Süd Group is a major provider of worldwide ocean transport and single-source logistics solutions. Today, the company employs more than 4,700 staff, operates 148 ships, and maintains a global inventory of some 390,000 units in a wide array of sizes and configurations to meet the regional and seasonal needs of its customers. A market leader on the north-south container trades and a specialist in refrigerated transport and logistics, Hamburg Süd is part of the successful Oetker Group.