EquipmentRepair automates manual processes across a user’s depot network, enabling easy tracking and control of M&R and gate events plus the visibility needed to proactively manage your fleet.

EquipmentRepair for Containerships


In the demanding short sea trades where containers may incur depot activity up to five times a year, keeping firm track of container repairs and gate in/out events plays an important role in controlling equipment costs and availability. Containerships - with more than 25 depots scattered throughout Scandinavia, the Baltic, north Europe and the Mediterranean - needed a solution to automate their repair depot communications, integrate back into their internal systems and provide management visibility to better analyze repair trends. The solution needed to include not only the standard maintenance and repair (M&R) approval process, but also gate in/out event capture and repair completes processing. The goal was to replace the existing manual process in order to increase productivity and efficiency and ultimately to reduce M&R costs.


Containerships adopted the IAS EquipmentRepair system to manage its entire maintenance and repair program. Today Containerships uses the IAS cloud-based communications platform to track and control M&R and gate in/out events across their entire depot network. Depots are required to communicate all repair estimate, gate event, and repair complete data through EquipmentRepair. The data feeds immediately and directly into Containerships internal equipment control system. This visibility gain allows them to analyze details and trends, including specific repair issues by batch of containers and to establish where they might be spending more money on repairs with a particular container type or design. This information is used to identify improvements to the company’s container designs that will reduce future repair costs.


“IAS offered a fast and proven route to implement a comprehensive M&R control system and automate communications and data flow with our depots,” Tomi Invenius, Container Fleet Manager at Containerships said. “The IAS EquipmentRepair system allows us to capture all of our M&R data on a single database accessed by users based in various Containerships offices. It provides good visibility and instant statistics to help us manage our fleet proactively.” Invenius went on to conclude that “automation of the M&R process has made communications easier and freed up management time.” As repair authorizations are more rapid, Containerships also expects to improve container turnaround time and boost fleet utilization.

About Containerships Group

Containerships Group is a door-to-door short sea carrier providing industrial and retail customers with regular connections between Finland, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Western Europe, East Mediterranean and North Africa. Following its March 2009 acquisition of Contaz Maritime & Trade S.A. of Turkey, the Group now has a presence in 23 countries, with 500 employees and 20 owned offices. Today, Containerships operates 16 container vessels from 250-1400 TEU capacity, including ice-class strengthened ships, and owns a fleet of over 15,000 containers.