IAS EquipmentRepair provides unprecedented visibility to container movements, equipment status and the maintenance and repair process, resulting in higher equipment utilization.

EquipmentRepair for CCNI


CCNI needed a solution to unite its global maintenance and repair (M&R) program to include full connectivity with over 300 repair facilities, terminals and depots worldwide. Connecting with all their trading partners and receiving high quality, cleansed and timely information of intermodal events, such as gate-in/gate-out, load/discharge, strip/stuff, and repair complete data, was needed in order to provide CCNI with more control and improved efficiency of their equipment fleet. They also needed to provide this real-time flow of container events including vessel load and discharge, facility gate in and out, among other container movement information to their customers via their online web tracking service. CCNI searched for a solution that would provide unprecedented visibility to their container movements, equipment status and M&R process, resulting in increased fleet utilization.


EquipmentRepair streamlined CCNI’s M&R process and provided them the needed visibility with all their trading partners around the world. Since adopting EquipmentRepair CCNI reported that it had decreased the information gap between when containers move and when they are visible and available – a timesaving that gave CCNI more control and improved efficiency of their equipment fleet. IAS' connectivity technology provided an accurate and reliable stream of container event information that facilitated equipment visibility and enabled more cost-effective equipment management decisions. The data provided to CCNI from IAS EquipmentRepair exclusively powers the real-time flow of container events to CCNI’s customers, allowing CCNI to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


“IAS has the experience and expertise, as well as a proven record of helping us connect our facilities,” said Mauricio Concha, Vice President, Container Logistics. “It is essential that we know how many containers are available for customers at any given time. As a mid-sized ocean carrier, we must differentiate ourselves to our customers by getting them the information they need about their shipments.” According to Concha, CCNI hopes to increase fleet utilization as a result of improved visibility. “As a global ocean carrier, we find IAS’s network of global offices and industry professionals indispensable in undertaking such a major project.”

About CCNI

CCNI is an international company dedicated, since 1930, to the transport of goods by sea, with presence in four continents. As an agile and flexible shipping line with a worldwide growth and expansion strategy, CCNI has created a powerful transport network, with leadership at a local level as well as in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. CCNI is part of the Empresas Navieras holding group whose subsidiary companies form part of a complete and efficient chain of cargo services. CCNI have a worldwide network of agencies that allow them to comply with transport necessities covering the five continents, with 236 points of sale, distributed in the 58 countries where maritime service transport is offered.