Rely on mission critical performance and protect your data with comprehensive archiving and security

IAS solutions employ multiple layers of security to protect and ensure confidentiality of our customer’s data. Our primary infrastructure is housed in a SAS-70 certified, Tier-3 data center with fully redundant fire suppression, communications and power provision, including UPS and back-up diesel generators. Access to the data center is protected by sophisticated physical and logical security layers; including biometric access scanners and 24-hour security personnel.

IAS application websites use HTTPS to provide encrypted data communication over the web, preventing interception, eavesdropping and exposure to malware. In addition, authenticated access to IAS applications requires the utilization of user credentials with supporting password policies, and role-based permissions to govern the use of functionality and application data.

Application data is securely managed using an Oracle™ Enterprise database and stored on an Enterprise-class IBM storage area network where data is continuously backed-up online to disks and backups are moved to offline media for storage. In the event of a catastrophic disaster at the primary data center, IAS has the ability to restore its services at an alternate data center.