The IAS Network – Which intermodal participant are you?

IAS solutions help Ocean Carriers to reduce maintenance and repair costs, increase equipment utilization and improve customer service

Ocean carriers connect to the world’s largest maintenance and repair network with IAS Equipment. The IAS Equipment suite simplifies the data exchange process and facilitates the M&R approval process. IAS Equipment can be used standalone or easily integrated with an ocean carrier’s existing M&R or equipment management systems, enabling users to instantly create, approve, amend and complete repairs. Ocean carriers who use IAS Equipment enjoy reduced maintenance repair costs, increased productivity and efficiency, increased equipment utilization and a straightforward way to understand their complex data.

Ocean carriers easily connect to their receivers, such as motor carriers and barge operators, through IAS Dispatch. The IAS Dispatch suite of modules brings together drayage assignment, appointment times, amendment management, invoicing, visibility, rates, optimization, and business intelligence – all within a single, easy-to-use workflow. Ocean carriers using IAS Dispatch solutions today enjoy first and last mile visibility, increased street turns and port turn-times, increased profitability, lower operating costs, improved productivity, and much more.

Due to recent changes in the North American chassis provisioning models, many ocean carriers are gradually withdrawing from the ownership and management of chassis fleets. Ocean carriers are now presented with an excellent opportunity to generate new chassis revenue and reduce their chassis investments with IAS Chassis. IAS Chassis is a high service, high activity chassis rental operation that utilizes ocean carrier chassis to connect to the nation’s largest network of motor carriers in order to safely and efficiently rent chassis.