IAS Equipment Repair

Our newest version of IAS DispatchManager, launched February 28, 2015, introduces foreign language support and upgrades the reporting server providing new and enhanced reporting features. The initial languages supported with DM 2.6 are Spanish, Simplified Chinese and English. Additional languages will be added as demand and volume warrants.

Reporting Server Upgrade

The IAS EquipmentRepair reporting server has been upgraded providing an enhanced user experience as well as brand new functionality. Included in the upgrade are an improved look and feel, improvements to selecting report criteria, the ability to search your on-screen report output, as well as new methods to export your results.
  • Reporting input controls clearly state what fields are mandatory, allow users to input dates as well as times, and allow for multiple selections from drop down lists.

  • Once a report has been executed users are now able to search for specific values within the results using the new “Search” tool.

  • There are new methods to export reports, including all of the following file formats: PDF, Excel (paginated), Excel, CSV, DOCX, RTF, ODT, ODS, XLSX (paginated), XLSX.

  • Report names and the criteria used to select the parameters have not changed.