IAS Chassis 1.5

Launched May 16, 2014, the newest version of ChassisManager provides the capability for motor carriers and ocean carriers to manage street turn related activity. This functionality covers two different scenarios.

Motor Carrier A to Motor Carrier B Street Turn

A Street Turn occurs when Motor Carrier A transfers possession of a chassis to Motor Carrier B without physically entering one of a chassis pool’s valid start/stop locations. ChassisManager’s Street Turn functionality facilitates the agreement between two motor carriers relative to this change in possession. The transaction ends the chassis rental for Motor Carrier A and commences the rental for Motor Carrier B. This process eliminates the need to rebill your fellow motor carrier and transfers liability when the exchange occurs.

The link below provides step by step instructions on how to perform this street turn transaction. You may also contact our Client Services team for additional information and guidance.

MH to CH Street Turns

A merchant haul (MH) to carrier haul (CH) street turn occurs when an ocean carrier reaches agreement with a motor carrier to utilize a MH billed container currently in the motor carrier's control as the second leg of the trip to fulfill a CH move on behalf of the ocean carrier.

ChassisManager can now receive specific event and shipment information from the ocean carrier to facilitate this transition and bill each respective party for their portion of the trip. This process is dependent on participation by the ocean carrier to provide the necessary data in a timely fashion to insure the billing is generated properly.

IAS will be reaching out to the respective ocean carriers who desire to participate in this program to provide training on the process and data transmission.