IAS Chassis 1.4

Launched May 16, 2014, the newest version of ChassisManager will significantly enhance facility event data processing. While many of the changes in this release will be transparent to the end user, you will notice improvement to your rental data and billing as refined logic is implemented to enhance event data integrity along with overall data quality.

IAS will also be implementing additional enhancements to provide increased flexibility for ocean carriers to manage exception billing data in order to provide all users with enhanced capabilities to track and manage their work within ChassisManager.

Enhanced visibility to Review and Dispute status

  • A review flag has been added as a Trip View column selection to provide better visibility to trips that have been validated by the user.
  • Rental dispute status has been added as a configurable column in the Trip View to provide visibility to rentals in dispute.
  • Both enhancements enable users to quickly and easily review important trip and rental information to better manage your chassis rentals and associated costs.

Rental/Trip comments

  • Users can input comments at a trip and rental level. This includes the ability to upload documents to a specific trip or rental.
  • Comments entered at the rental level are only visible within the rental view.
  • Comments entered at the trip level are visible at both the trip and rental level within ChassisManager.
  • Comments can be flagged as private or public.
  • Implementation of this capability allows users to better manage detail information associated with each rental and trip ensuring the key re-billing or dispute information is accurately captured.

Exception data management

  • Ocean carriers are provided with the ability to update haulage type or service contract within ChassisManager prior to pre-invoice completing. With this capability ocean carriers can quickly respond to potential changes in commercial information to ensure associated chassis rental charges are correctly assessed to the appropriate party.