IAS EquipmentRepair 3.3.8

Our newest version of IAS EquipmentRepair, launched December 14, 2013, allows you to connect, collaborate, repair and maintain your intermodal equipment fleet like never before. Improve productivity with new features and capabilities that allow you to creatively organize your data in a whole new way.

Custom Views

  • Custom view libraries have been reorganized for easy listing by users. Implementation of this enhancement enables custom view capability for estimate line items and cost allocations to be released in January 2014. Once fully implemented, users will no longer have to re-set their advanced search parameters.

Refined Layout

  • Filter window relocated and sized, easier to read color scheme and columns have been added to the search view.

Report Enhancements

  • Canceled Estimate Report (ER-180) - Cancel reason codes and amounts have been added to the report detail enabling more granular analysis of data.
  • Detail Activity Analysis (ER-146) - Responsible Party is now available as a filter criteria to quickly identify charges by responsible party.

Cancellation Reason Codes

  • Users are now able to access a convenient drop down menu to associate reason codes for each cancellation along with respective comments. This feature will enable a more consistent and detailed analysis of cancellation reasons allowing users to better understand why estimates were canceled.