IAS Dispatch 2.3.6

Our newest version of IAS DispatchManager, launched November 15, 2013, provides expanded options for managing and calculating Fuel Surcharge (FSC) rates in order to promote more accurate and timely billing and improved cost control. In addition, custom charge categories have been developed allowing even more granularity in categorizing and handling accessorial charges. To improve the user experience, enhancements to the data retrieval capability within the user interface grid have also been implemented, increasing responsiveness when querying large volumes of data on demand.

Fuel Surcharge

  • Now allows for multiple FSC rates per motor carrier and office.
  • New flexibility has been enabled to apply FSC based upon the execution date of a specific pickup or delivery.

Custom Charges

  • Originators can now create and manage their own custom charge codes allowing for better visibility and control over accessorial descriptions.

User Interface Performance

  • Users who query large volumes of data through the user interface grid will now experience quicker response times retrieving data needed for custom analytics and reporting.