IAS Dispatch 2.3.5

Our newest version of IAS DispatchManager, launched September 28, 2013, provides enhanced tracking capabilities to the Transaction Audit Report as well as upgrades to our integration platform which promote continued scalability and performance as our customers and their networks continue to expand.

Transmission Audit Report Enhancements

  • The Transmission Audit Report (TAR) is the key tool to help customers diagnose their data transmission issues. The TAR now contains two additional time stamps and enhanced error handling messages to assist with your data transmission diagnostics:
  • File Received Date/Time: The date and time the EDI file was received by IAS.
  • Message Translated Date/Time: The date and time the EDI message was translated by IAS.
  • Failed Reason: The specific reason for the message failure.

Improvements to Our Software Platform

  • IAS is committed to supporting a robust integration platform to support scalability and performance.
  • With this release we will be upgrading our platform to increase our efficiency in setting up trading networks for our customers and their partners.
  • In addition, we will now have greatly improved visibility into transaction status at all times, which will enable our Support team to be more responsive to customer inquiries.