IAS Dispatch 2.3.4

Our newest version of IAS DispatchManager, launched July 27, 2013, focuses on streamlining the workflow and continuing to build out capabilities for connectivity and trading partner collaboration and communication.

Work order updates

  • Currently, when an originator updates a work order before acceptance by a motor carrier, the work order transitions to 'Amended By' status. Starting with this release, when an originator makes changes to a work order in 'Assigned' status, DispatchManager will not require counter-party acceptance. This update applies only to 'Assigned' status; amend/update logic for all other statuses are unaffected.
  • To improve workflow, originators will not be required to approve seal number updates. When a motor carrier updates the seal number on a unit, DispatchManager will treat the change as a work order update and will not require counter-party approval.

Report time zone

  • Local time stamps will be applied on the Motor Carrier Performance Detail Report in order to more accurately reflect the motor carrier’s event reporting performance.

Electronic data interchange

  • For originators using ANSI messages, the ANSI 204 work order message will support optional unit-level referencing on multi-unit export work orders. This message enhancement enables motor carriers to provide unit-specific appointment information until container number data is available.
  • Originators using the DispatchInvoice module can now update the status of an invoice through ANSI X12 EDI 210 messages.