IAS Chassis 1.3.4

Launched June 29, 2013, the newest version of ChassisManager will significantly improve the day-to-day execution of leased fleet management. Our areas of focus include improving data and invoice quality, reducing confusion regarding disputes, and improving online payment options.

Enhanced application screens with more informative default views

  • Invoice screen has new columns to display the tax amount on invoice and the amount to pay.
  • Payment screen has new columns to display payment method, status, and authorization references.
  • Trip View has clean default layout with fewer, most relevant columns.

New billing account management resource

  • Account summary screen combines Invoices, Payments, and Adjustments on a single screen. This new billing account summary section displays information such as account number and current balance.

Enhanced dispute resolution and adjustments for better billing

  • Pre-invoice disputes are now available in the Trip Viewer. This conveniently puts the dispute functionality at your fingertips regardless of your preferred ChassisManager workflow.
  • Multiple trips on a rental may be disputed at the same time.
  • Ocean carriers can now use the dispute functionality.
  • Rentals under dispute are adjustable at the time of resolution and usage is re-rated with the adjusted number of days in order to minimize use of credits and to ensure a correctly rated invoice.
  • Visibility to adjustments as they happen makes it easier to identify when a dispute is resolved.
  • When a shipping line identifies an export pool booking or reposition, a new validation will bill the trip to the shipping line. This will reduce disputes for this scenario and result in more accurate billing.

Improved flexibility and accuracy on payments

  • When making a payment, ChassisManager will apply that payment to the selected invoice rather than at the account level. Payment functions will be restored so users can make payments in the system.
  • Enhanced payment posting screens for equipment providers allow accounts receivable users to back date a manual payment or adjustment.