IAS Chassis 1.3.3

Our newest version of ChassisManager, launching March 23, 2013, expands the system's capabilities and makes chassis rental management and billing even more convenient.

Rolling Rentals Close After 30 Days

Motor carriers will be able to keep a chassis out for 30 days before the system sends the rental to pre-invoice status. This replaces the previous 10 day rolling rental rule.

Twice Monthly Billing

Invoices will be generated twice each month. Users will continue to have five days to review rentals in pre-invoice status.
  • Rental activity from the 1st through the15th will be invoiced on the 21st of every month
  • Rental activity on the 16th through end of month will be invoiced on the 6th of the following month

Review Flags for Pre-invoice Trips

Users will be able to flag a trip as 'Reviewed' on the trip viewer. Separate pre-built views for Reviewed and Unreviewed trips streamline the user interface and ease verification of charges on pre-invoice rentals.

Bill-to Party

Rated trips at pre-invoice phase will include the bill-to party account name. The bill-to party is viewable in the 'Rental' menu.

Tax Amount on Invoice Summary

The billable tax total will be viewable in the invoice tab in the 'Billing' menu.

Payment Verification

When users are making a payment, ChassisManager will provide a pop-up window requesting confirmation of the payment amount.

Adjustment Verification

When equipment providers are making a manual billing adjustment, ChassisManager will provide a pop-up window requesting confirmation of the adjustment amount.

Welcome Page Update

All users will see a redesigned, friendlier welcome page with links to the IAS Support Portal, training schedule, and news-sharing sites.

Empty Reposition Haulage Type

Exception billing for empty repositions (MT) will be available for shipping lines who identify MT haulage types.

Shipping Line Login

Ocean carriers can now login to review and flag trips.