IAS Chassis 1.3.2

Our newest version of IAS ChassisManager, launched February 9, 2013, makes your workflow easier to manage and improves the overall chassis invoicing experience.

Trip View

ChassisManager now includes a trip view for motor carrier and equipment provider users. The trip view provides an enhanced view of rental activity and associated data such as container number, start/stop times, and more. The new functionality also provides the ability to search rental record data at the trip level. Motor carriers can export their records into CSV format for further analysis in spreadsheet tools or for presentation to a third party for reimbursement. For additional information on usage of the trip view, please visit the IAS Global Client Services Portal.

Invoice Number Visibility

When chassis usage is billed by the system and the rental is transitioned to Closed status, the invoice number will now be visible on the trip level of the rental including within the trip view described above.

Payment Methods On Billing Menu

For simplified navigation, the payment method console and company information related to billing is now accessed through the Billing menu.