DispatchManager 2.1.5.

DispatchManager version 2.1.5. development is focused on the following product areas and new enhancements (many of which came from direct customer feedback):

  • Previously, when an offer was made via Optimizer Street-turn, the original amount was being calculated to include all charges (base-dray and assessorial charges) when the offer given was only for base-dry. We fixed this by changing the application to calculate the original amount to use only the base-dray charges.
  • Previously, DM Manage OD Tariff presented a delayed load and a subsequent time-out before loading for users which in turn hindered his/her ability to view and add tariffs. This issue has been fixed and DM Manage OD Tariff now loads quickly and successfully allowing the user to fully benefit from its function.
  • Previously, there was an issue where the total fuel surcharge amount sent to DispatchManager was rounding up. Now, the total is displayed correctly and matches the sum of line items.
  • Previously, an Operational Report didn't have the standard parameters of all other DispatchManager reports. We've addressed this issue and now all standard parameters apply to the operational report. In addition, the PDF format has been disabled.
  • Previously, when submitting a 'date' search on Tariff for Originator-Dispatcher pair and mileage rate windows, the date was displayed in a pop-up as a calendar. Now, upon submitting a 'date' search, the pop-up window is properly displayed as a date range window.
  • Previously, some of the characters for long values pertaining to a bill of lading were missing or not displayed. Now, all the characters are present and completely displayed in the reports.
  • Previously, the work order variance reports were not picking up the correct values. We've updated the values and corrected the report mapping and now the correct values are being picked up.
  • Previously, the outbound appointments schedule did not support "between" schedule times. Now, when a user submits a "between" appointment online, the event is treated as a "before" appointment using the latter of the two timestamps.
  • We have updated the work order variance report layout, which features one row of header columns and the values are sorted by work-order date and grouped by 'Originator Code' and 'Receiver Code'.

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