DispatchManager 2.1.3.

DispatchManager version 2.1.3. development is focused on the following product areas and new enhancements (many of which came from direct customer feedback):

  • A new ISO Size Type value (2250) has been added to the inbound translation table of Equipment Size type and now work orders from shipping organizations with 2250 will stop rejecting and translate to 20' Open Top.
  • Previously, the receiver was unable to view work order details of Street Turn Bids. We've enhanced this with the addition of a hyperlink to the Street Turn Bid window and now the Receiver has the ability to view Work Order details of Street Turn bids. This enhancement delivers the same functionality as available via Standard Bids to be made available for Street Turn Bids.
  • The existing functionality on the GeoCode Location Caching for Optimizer Work Order stops has been enhanced and now facilitates an increased Optimization matching and has a hierarchical approach to address validation for the purpose of storing GeoCoding Location.
  • Dispatchers now have the ability to "award & assign" a bid on a Street Turn Offer which contains a previously accepted work order.
  • Additional GeoCode location values have been added to enhance the Optimizer functionality for getting map and route calculations from PC-Miler. Now, instead of passing the full address, we are passing the validated GeoCode location values (latitude and longitude).
  • We've made changes in 204 work order processing for both 'create' and 'update' to store the emergency contact information for all commodities even if the data is the same. Now, emergency contact name will be loaded for a second commodity.
  • Previously, work orders with rejected status were not being excluded from the candidate pool for Optimization. Now, work orders are being excluded from Optimization to avoid being accepted by the same receiver.
  • We've fixed the issue pertaining to Outbound Accept logs. Now, when an originator awards a work order, Outbound accept logs are generated.
  • Previously, there was an issue where the Port of Discharge was missing from the work order. Changes were made to Inbound generic 204 and to dispatcher's custom Outbound 204 and we've ensured data is loading on the work order. This prevents dispatcher from incurring major claims in the event of shipment confusion (i.e. a trucker picks the wrong box).
  • Previously, updates to weight and UOM of inbound hazardous material was not persisting for Generic 204 map. We've fixed this issue so that when a 204 update containing hazardous material is processed, the weight and UOM persist. In addition, we performed tests with a single commodity as well as a multiple commodity to confirm that it works in both cases.

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