DispatchManager 2.1.1.

DispatchManager version 2.1.1. development is focused on the following product areas and new enhancements (many of which came from direct customer feedback):

  • A new workorder segment for managing hazardous materials content has been added. The following ANSI X12 “optional” segments were added: LH1, LH2, LH3, LH6, LFH. For exact details please refer to the EDI Implementation Guide. This Hazmat data will now display as read-only in the Work Order (displayed and printed).
  • New enhancements to entering content in the tariff module have been made. The Origin-Destination Tariff Rates Engine has been enhanced to allow users to enter rates at the following generic equipment categories: Container, Generator Set, Refrigerator, Trailer, Tank. This removes the requirement for individual tariff rates at the Equipment Size Type, however if there is a need to capture the a rate at the granular level we support both types of rate entries with the same effective and expiration dates.

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