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IAS Announces EquipmentRepair 3.0

Rebuilt from the ground up especially for you. IAS presents EquipmentRepair 3.0.

The result of a significant investment, EquipmentRepair 3.0 provides instant access to high quality data. Using an advanced and flexible interface you will be operating more efficiently than ever before.

EquipmentRepair 3.0 features:

  • Existing EDI connections remain unchanged. Sending EDI to IAS will continue in existing formats and connectivity methods. No changes are necessary.
  • Easy transition and reduced training time and cost. IAS' new EquipmentRepair 3.0 is intuitive, straight-forward and designed to be simple. The transition will be simple, seamless and fully supported by IAS through webinars, videos and both online and offline resources.
  • Find, review and action quicker than ever before. Instant quick-previews of estimate line items, estimate history, survey requests and more, directly from an advanced estimate management view. Designed to give you the most efficient way to enter estimates online..
  • Increase efficiency with configurable views that suit your work-flow. Use advanced searches and interactive view layout to present your data, your way. Filter results based on your specific criteria. Add, remove, drag and drop columns and sort on any column based on what you need to see. Then save your view and re-use it instantly everyday. A custom view makes it quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Advanced high performance reporting. Export any online list instantly, no waiting, no special tools required. Leverage advanced reporting to obtain your reports faster than ever directly in your browser. Instantly change report parameters and see the impact on the report before your eyes. Export your reports to PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV Text File or even Flash with full formatting.
  • Improved accuracy with real-time data validation. Errors are highlighted in real-time and may be corrected instantly when entering data online--preventing submission of bad data and eliminating delays in error correction.
  • New online help and announcements. IAS EquipmentRepair 3.0 now includes full online help with both help text, step-by-step visual guides and demonstration videos. In addition new tips, product and industry announcements are delivered live into the new EquipmentRepair Welcome screen.

Global Instant Visibility with Interactive Reporting, Business Intelligence and Benchmarking. Coming in 2011.

Following EquipmentRepair 3.0 and also leveraging IAS' advanced, next generation platform IAS will be launching new, exciting add-on modules in 2011.

  • Obtain custom reports and increase customer service instantly with Interactive reporting. No more high cost, long wait development cycles for reports. Real-time "drag and drop" custom report creation online, anytime. Advanced table, cross-tab and chart reports all at your fingertips.
  • Continuous performance improvement with advanced Business Intelligence and Benchmarking. Build advanced, interactive dashboards to monitor trends and drive strategic improvement throughout your repair business. Real-time, highly advanced dashboards display critical trends that are otherwise extremely difficult to visualize and understand. Drill down, make decisions and drive continuous improvement in your bottom line.

Availability and pricing will be announced in 2011 for these exciting new add-on modules.