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IAS Wins 2015 Food Logistics Green Provider Award

Clients Optimize Operations, Lower Fuel Consumption

Oakland, CA, June 26, 2015 - International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions goods transport management, announces winning the 2015 Green Provider Award from Food Logistics magazine. The award is given to companies who take an active role in promoting sustainability throughout their operations and those of their customers. IAS was chosen for its powerful, cloud-based transportation management solutions and its community of connected users that contribute to improving the environmental dimension of transportation. With IAS, clients decrease empty running miles, cut particulate and noise pollution, decrease congestion and idling time at transport facilities, lower fuel consumption and make better use of current assets and infrastructure.

"IAS is honored to win this prestigious award for our solutions that address the environmental impact of moving goods," said Blair Peterson, Senior Vice President of International Asset Systems. "IAS DispatchManager and DispatchOptimizer provide greater visibility into the supply chain to better utilize transport assets, be they straight trucks, tractors, containers or chassis. This helps our customers and their service providers lower mileage, which reduces fuel usage and carbon emissions. Street-turn optimization improves the performance of transportation operations around the port and lowers the environmental impact of shipping. Motor carriers save on fuel costs and decrease queuing and processing time at ports, ramps and terminals, in turn lowering noise pollution and curtailing carbon emissions."

"In the food and beverage sector, sustainability and environmental stewardship are primary considerations given the unique relationship between businesses in this sector and our planet's natural resources," explained Lara L. Sowinski, editor-in-chief for Food Logistics. "Our 2015 list of Top Green Providers includes agricultural companies, 3PLs, temperature-controlled facilities and others who demonstrate leadership in sustainability, which in turn positively affects their customers as well."

IAS DispatchManager automates the drayage tender and assignment by eliminating manual processes and fostering communications among all transport parties, which helps to manage goods transport moves more effectively. DispatchOptimizer gives a real-time view of transport work orders and "street-turn" or re-use opportunities, giving dispatchers the ability to optimize truck operations. These solutions help customers realize their green and sustainability goals.

The Food Logistics Top Green Providers Award recognizes companies whose products, services, or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry. With a focus on sustainability in the global food supply chain, Food Logistics profiles companies who are exceeding industry standards in their sector. This year's list includes food producers and manufacturers, 3PLs, transportation and logistics providers, equipment manufacturers and others whose products and services are driving sustainability from farm to fork. The companies chosen as Food Logistics Top Green Providers are profiled in their June 2015 issue.

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