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Florida East Coast Railway Modernizes its Equipment Maintenance & Repair Management Operations With Solution From IAS

SaaS-Based M&R Solution Affordable for Railways of Any Size

Oakland, CA, April 24, 2012 - International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions for intermodal transportation and global cargo container shipping, announces that Florida East Coast Railway, LLC (FEC) has implemented IAS(R) EquipmentRepair to modernize their equipment maintenance and repair operations. Automating the Maintenance & Repair (M&R) and re-billing processes will improve collections and provide compliance with FMCSA and other regulatory agencies. FEC gains increased revenues, streamlines processes, and yields better equipment utilization.

"IAS EquipmentRepair allows FEC to view and approve estimates, provide notifications, and exchange data in a standardized, repeatable process that improves accuracy and productivity," said Brian Shultz, SVP Sales & Marketing for IAS. "Manual processes can be fraught with errors, leading to delays in processing repair orders and inadequate charges. Plus, you don't have an easily accessible audit trail that you need to prove compliance."

"With intermodal shipments representing 81% of our overall volumes, the success in managing our intermodal business is important to Florida East Coast Railway. IAS EquipmentRepair has helped to modernize our intermodal equipment repair group at a cost that was easy to justify as we were not required to purchase, install, or maintain the software, and the implementation was quick and easy," said Joel Haka, Chief Operating Officer of FEC. "With IAS EquipmentRepair, much of the M&R process was automated, freeing up the FEC team to work on more value-added items. We received great value from streamlining processes, linking the system to our accounting teams, collaborating with our trading partners, and gaining visibility into more timely container repair status."

FEC replaced a legacy system and manual processes with IAS EquipmentRepair. This change allows the railroad to manage and improve their container equipment and chassis repair process, which facilitates communications and cooperation with internal FEC offices and external service providers. EquipmentRepair automates routine tasks to speed the repair cycle and improve equipment turn times.

The solution seamlessly integrates with FEC's accounting system to automate the re-billing process, making it easy to extract repair data accurately and quickly so invoices are sent correctly. More accurate re-billing reduces costs by cutting administration time, improving collections, and enabling managers to review detailed equipment history, monitor variances, and escalate time-sensitive activities.