InterAsset powers all IAS solutions with a secure, configurable platform that connects the intermodal community

Architected, designed and built to the highest standards, InterAsset delivers a powerful and extensible technology platform for all IAS solutions. InterAsset is the result of a unique combination of proven, best-in-class technologies paired with the industry expertise IAS has gained in providing cloud-based business solutions to the global intermodal community for over a decade. InterAsset

  • Cloud-based delivery mode
  • 24x7 technical support and help desk
  • Single, secure database
  • Multi-tenant, services-oriented architecture
  • Configurable business workflow
  • Configurable business rule and validation
  • Trading partner management
  • Network operations (setup, monitoring, alerts and notification)
  • Role-based permissions (data and functionality)
  • Any-to-any EDI file mapping (ANSI, EDIFACT, XML, CSV)

At the heart of the InterAsset platform is an Enterprise-class Oracle™ database. It securely records information on the tens of thousands of registered users and trading partnerships between ocean carriers, third-party logistics providers, freight forwarders, equipment lessors, motor carriers, terminals, depots, and the vast array of events processed within the IAS Network on a daily basis.

IAS employs a services-oriented architecture for ease of interoperability between InterAsset, IAS applications and other third-party software, and to provide seamless integration to new and future software services. InterAsset has been designed from the outset to be inherently multi-tenant: while all data is securely stored in one central repository with a single version of the software, data is only visible to the tenant and their authorized trading partners. Therefore, trading partners with multiple relationships are provided a single view of all their respective data.