Exchange data with all your trading partners through one fast, efficient and cost-effective connection

In a world where accurate & timely business-to-business (B2B) connectivity is not only expected, but a requirement, InterAsset delivers with “any-to-any” transformation of EDI file formats to ensure any trading partner, whatever their technical capabilities, may participate in the IAS network.

IAS has established processes for the efficient onboarding of new customers and their trading partners. IAS has extensive experience applying its expertise and powerful integration tools to create and manage thousands of integration maps covering all the major intermodal EDI events. Moreover, our engineers are able to rapidly develop and test the maps within a dedicated “training” environment to assure end-to-end tests are complete before an integration is implemented live.

The InterAsset platform, and our team of Client Service specialists along with technical support staff, continuously monitors the transmission of data between trading partners, taking remedial action where necessary to ensure the quality and timely flow of millions of transactions between our community of thousands of trading partners.