IAS Connected - IAS Supported IAS Connected Searchable Database

InterAsset connects tens of thousands of trading partners worldwide

Thousands of intermodal operators in countries worldwide are already connected to InterAsset, a single repository tracking millions of intermodal events from the first mile to the last mile. With just one data connection to IAS you too can be linked with all your trading partners. This page allows you to search for the names of your depots, repair facilities, motor carriers, 3PLs, terminals and barge operators to identify if they are already IAS Connected to IAS.

Search the IAS Connected Database

Enter a facility name and press ‘Search” to find out if we have already established an IAS Connection. The results are limited to fifteen lines but you may refine your search by entering more information. The database allows for searches only via facility name but you may also view our worldwide facilities map and network for further details. If you have questions or are interested in being IAS Connected please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.