IAS connects tens of thousands of trading partners throughout the global intermodal community

Tens of thousands of users in countries worldwide are connected to InterAsset, a single repository tracking millions of intermodal events from the first mile to last mile, creating operational transparency and visibility that satisfies the growing need for access to timely information across the transport chain. The information network is built on InterAsset, a powerful operating platform built as the backbone for all IAS solutions. With just one data connection to IAS, you can be linked with all your trading partners, among thousands of intermodal operators already part of IAS’ vast, global data network. IAS Connected

The IAS Connected network grows daily, and now includes:

  • 90 countries
  • 1200+ cities
  • 4,600+ organizations
  • 11,300+ partnerships
  • 22,000+ users
  • 8M+ annual business events

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