Gain better control of your equipment and build a more efficient maintenance and repair process

EquipmentRepair improves the container and chassis repair process and provides detailed operational, cost, and status information for both macro-level cost management and detailed estimate-by-estimate cost reduction. Empower M&R managers with the tools necessary for success: complete workflow management, amendments and approvals, survey request and tracking, multi-office collaboration, powerful search capabilities, in-estimate attachments, comprehensive built-in reporting, and much more. EquipmentRepair vastly reduces the daily time needed to manage global M&R operations and yields instant savings from increased equipment utilization.

EquipmentRepair can be operated as a stand-alone cloud-based solution or as an integrated extension of an asset owner’s equipment control system. With the InterAsset platform IAS has established partnerships with thousands of container depots, surveyors, and repair facilities worldwide, so you can get started quickly and cost-effectively whether you are connecting to 20 facilities or 200.  

Key Benefits:
  • Manage your M&R activity at depots all over the world
  • Institute consistent repair standards globally
  • Monitor trends and pinpoint opportunities for M&R, turn time, and fleet management savings
  • Check incoming estimates against a standard tariff and automatically flag discrepancies
  • Gain high-quality data feeds from all M&R vendors, large and small
  • Save money by removing wasted time in the equipment M&R cycle
  • Manage by exception with automated alerts and escalations
  • Translate any message type into a standard, easy to manage format
  • View estimate revision history and variances between original and approved estimates to better understand costs
  • Customize your interface with filters, configurable views, and advanced searches
  • Eliminate fax, phone, and email chaos with a single streamlined workflow
  • Share photos and documents to support decision-making

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