The new normal – richer partnerships through collaboration

DispatchTender provides a collaboration platform for creating win-win work orders within the IAS Dispatch system. DispatchTender enables originators to broadcast work orders in order to receive individual quotes from any motor carrier within their DispatchManager network. All messages, approvals, and rejections are communicated instantly, saving time by automating the query and negotiation processes.

DispatchTender is an intuitive solution for bringing together parties who would not typically collaborate. Today, between 60% and 70% of all inland drayage deliveries are merchant haulage, meaning a typical originator only controls about a third of their inland drayage deliveries. If originators wish to truly optimize transportation spend, they must identify a way to connect to the merchant haulage segment. Originators present offers to those motor carriers whose equipment and drivers seem ideally positioned to capitalize on the job and receivers place bids based on the value of winning the work. By providing a secure, controlled and neutral environment, DispatchTender allows participants to transact street-turns without the risks associated with posting to a message board.  

Key Benefits:
  • Increase profitability and efficiency with added visibility to the bigger picture
  • Negotiate work orders for prices that reflect true transport dollars for the whole trip
  • Build stronger relationships for a competitive advantage
  • Adopt more street-turns for environmental, monetary, and efficiency gains
  • Remove the wall between merchant haulage and carrier haulage jobs to enable transportation efficiency
  • Offer work orders on a one-way basis to optimize transportation spend

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