Take control of your rates – improve profitability with each move

DispatchTariff gives full visibility and control of all your drayage rates. Integrated with DispatchManager, the DispatchTariff module allows you to maintain all your tariffs, both standard and custom, within your IAS Dispatch workflow. Instantly create, view, update, or delete rates with easy-to-use fields. When combined with DispatchTender or DispatchOptimizer, DispatchTariff takes dray decision-making to a new level of efficiency as a trusted benchmark for evaluating incoming work order quotes. DispatchTariff offers immediate benefits without the high cost associated with developing, hosting, or maintaining traditional software or in-house IT projects.  

Key Benefits:
  • View all your rates in one simple, secure, centralized system
  • Discover your most cost-effective partners for any given move
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of maintaining paper-based rate books or Excel spreadsheets
  • Seamlessly interact with DispatchManager, DispatchOptimizer, and DispatchTender
  • Improve customer service with fast, accurate quotes
  • Keep rate information accurate and up-to-date with automated expiration dates
  • Share information quickly and easily with authorized users across your network
  • Avoid the investment and maintenance costs associated with in-house IT systems
  • Reduce tender time and costs with pre-approved tariffs for standard work order creation

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