Control drayage costs – visibility of work order through invoicing

DispatchInvoice manages the drayage invoicing process, removes the possibility that a non-compliant invoice is transmitted, and eliminates the remediation of discrepant invoices. DispatchInvoice is able to validate the invoice over the course of the dispatch and drayage process. As the assigned work progresses, the motor carrier updates actual times, milestones and requests for changes or assessorial charges. Where approval is granted, DispatchInvoice captures those in an auditable record within each dispatch work order. When the work order is complete, it becomes eligible for invoicing. In this way, the invoice reflects the agreed upon work and always transmits the correct costs, making payment easier and timely. This enables dispatch and accounting professionals to focus on value-add activities rather than the reconciliation of past transactions. DispatchInvoice works in conjunction with DispatchManager, giving you one end-to-end system for managing dispatch from origination to payment.  

Key Benefits:
  • Create, send, receive, approve and reject electronic invoices and amendments, all in one system
  • Minimize time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry errors
  • Reduce intermodal cost discrepancies to stop overpayments, delays, and remediation
  • Verify charges by tracking pick-up, delivery and completion dates/times
  • Track the status of invoices to avoid late payment and penalties
  • Stay up-to-date with collaborative, real-time updates and amendment automation
  • Be a better partner with accurate invoices and on-time payments
  • Eliminate charges incurred without approval (rate, accessorials, demurrage, per diem)
  • Send invoices automatically to reduce manual processes and to optimize the timeliness of billings

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