Insight into your business – eureka moments in one click

DispatchInsight allows you to explore your data to get the full story, showing a single unified view of enterprise-wide information. DispatchInsight lets you trend data historically, track your chosen key performance indicators, and easily drill down to find the correlations that will transform your business. Perform in-depth analysis of information directly within IAS Dispatch, the single solution for all intermodal dispatch activity.

DispatchInsight allows you to investigate dray costs, accessorial costs, fuel charges, and invoice amounts to understand spending at a detail or summary level; monitor percent on-time delivery and work order performance by originating office to evaluate vendor performance and improve delivery stats; easily review volume of work orders, amends by motor carrier, and time between assigned and accepted to identify key partners, consolidate workload to better performing receivers, and improve equipment utilization. DispatchInsight illuminates the meaning behind the numbers.  

Key Benefits:
  • Measure performance in detail to pinpoint areas for improvement and manage by exception
  • Define and track KPIs, scorecard, and spot patterns to better allocate resources
  • Understand complex information with a straight-forward, intuitive, and flexible interface
  • Access high quality, relevant data to synchronize financial and operational strategies
  • Save time and eliminate costs with metrics-driven decision-making and change management
  • Understand your business patterns without additional systems, IT staff, analysts or developers
  • Control your data your way with customized dimensions, widgets, and dashboards
  • Share your data in visual or tabular reports or export as raw data for further manipulation
  • See data in aggregate for centralized insight into your whole organization
  • See value instantly with analytics that are powerful right out of the box

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