Cloud computing allows leveraging of world-class technology and services at a fraction of the cost of in-house development

Cloud computing, often referred to as “the Cloud”, offers great promise for the cost-effective delivery of information, connectivity, and high-value software services over the internet. While “the Cloud” may be a recent term, IAS’ solutions have always been delivered using the Cloud Computing model. From IAS’ very beginning in the late 1990’s, we realized that in order to bring global visibility to the entire transport-chain we had to securely deliver our services as built-in, web-based applications, available to any authorized person or entity with access to the Internet. Our vision fifteen years ago was prescient; but today Cloud Computing has become accepted as the only practical model to provide ubiquitous intermodal visibility.

While the Cloud presents great opportunity for everyone in the transport-chain, the rewards don’t just happen. Delivering the benefits of a high-quality service in the Cloud requires a clear vision, innovative software design, high-quality infrastructure, zealous execution, and an unwavering desire to deliver the best possible service.

With every passing month and year, the enabling technologies of the Cloud are evolving at a rapid pace, as are the expectations from our global community. At IAS our goal is to exceed those expectations through regular upgrades to our infrastructure and continuous improvements to our applications and services, providing our customers with the full benefits of Cloud Computing.