Equipment business intelligence – basic exploration

Posted on: January 8th, 2013 by The IAS Team No Comments

Last week’s post was an introduction to EquipmentInsight. If you didn’t get a chance to read the introduction to this month’s series, please do so here. Today we want to show you a few simple ways to interact with the tables and graphs.

tips and sortingOur first trick this week? Scroll around! Hovering near widget titles will bring up screen tips (a small square with the letter i), which show a description of the widget, applied filters, and variables. Hovering over a column title will reveal sorting buttons; use these arrows to sort a table according to a particular column. Mousing around will reveal areas where you can access the same data on a more granular level. For example, in some charts with a time axis, you can click a date to zoom from a monthly to a daily visualization. We will go into more detail on this in an upcoming post that tackles drill-down functionality.

filterEquipmentInsight gives you the ability to filter on multiple categories, simplifying the process of navigating to a specific data set. You can filter by regional criteria, such as country and facility, as well as by critical repair data such as repair type and component code. EquipmentInsight helps you answer specific questions such as, “How much did I spend on floor repairs last June?” or “How many times did I pay for a hinge repair on my fleet of 40′s in Hamburg from June 6th to 10th?”. Gain a full view of the M&R operation from high-level global spend down to one repair at a specific facility. To filter, simply use the dropdown menus at the top of the dashboard. Select the filter you wish to change, deselect the ‘Select All’ check box, and choose your own parameters. You can search by typing in the ‘Filter values…’ box or you can scroll the list. Tick the desired check boxes and click the ‘Apply’ button. EquipmentInsight will crunch the numbers and update each of your widgits with the new constraints.

exportWe can’t resist giving you one more pointer, because after five minutes of using EquipmentInsight you are going to find something you want to share with your team. To export, click the download icon to the right of a widgit title; then from the dropdown menu select the type of file you wish to create: PDF, PNG, XLS, or CSV. If by chance you are the person who loves to flex their Excel muscles, you can export EquipmentInsight data for further analysis with your go-to tool.

EquipmentInsight makes it easy to access and share relevant data in customizable formats. Try it out and you will immediately see potential to eliminate costs and improve efficiency. Come back next Tuesday for a look at trend analysis.

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