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Freight Regulation Update 2016 – Rules Under Review

Posted on: February 29th, 2016 by The IAS Team No Comments

The transportation industry will see a record number, close to 22, new regulations between 2017 and 2019. These regulations include everything from e-logging mandates to limiting driver hours to keeping trucks below 68 MPH. Trucking companies need to be ready for these regulations, which have the potential to worsen the capacity crisis, increase transportation rates and lower carrier productivity.

Three of the latest regulations imposed on the trucking industry are quite restrictive, including the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) initiative, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, and the hours of service (HOS) regulation.

The CSA initiative was designed to ensure carrier compliance with all regulations by providing a safety performance score for carriers so that shippers could see which carriers are more reliable. However, under a five-year highway bill unveiled Dec. 1, federal trucking regulators would be required to remove certain safety performance scores for motor carriers from public view until the scoring program is reformed. The reform came about because many of the previous performance scores were not accurate. Trucking companies need to keep accurate records of their performance because the initiative could be reinstated, or at least some version of it.

The ELD mandate, which was passed in December 2015 and will become effective in December 2017, has met some resistance. Many large carriers already use ELDs to cut down on administrative time and costs, but small and medium sized carriers believe the regulation will cost them 5 to 8 percent in lost productivity and revenues. The ELD rule was initiated so that the hours of service were logged correctly. Implementing ELDs not only involves purchasing the equipment but also creating internal processes to manage information. This can lead to decreased efficiencies and higher shipping costs.

The HOS regulation has seen many changes since it was first enacted. The new 34-hour restart has created controversy. While it was initially instituted because of driver fatigue and fatality rates, it hinders driver productivity and pay. Safety advocates say it is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough. Truck drivers say it is an over reaction and keeps them away from home longer than necessary. It is important to keep truckers moving, while improving pay, so that new drivers will enter the market, hopefully lessening the truck driver shortage.

Finally, in July of this year, a new international rule will come into effect that states that shipping lines must receive verified weights for loaded cargo containers before those containers can be placed on ships.  Full-container and less-than-container shipping weights will need to be verified, not estimated, and provided to the shipping line so that the container weights can be factored into the vessel load plans. 

Motor carriers need to keep up with these ever-changing rules and regulations. To keep more efficient, lower operating costs and improve productivity, trucking companies and shippers can turn to International Assets Systems (IAS) to help speed and improve their dispatch processes. IAS provides greater visibility throughout your supply chain, increases booking fulfillment and reduces equipment, transportation and operational costs.

What do the West Coast Port Strikes Mean to My Supply Chain?

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A tentative agreement has been reached between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), ending the 9-month standoff between the parties operating the US West Coast ports. While this is good news, there is still so much backlog at the ports that it will take several months for the ports to operate at normal levels.

Congestion began building earlier last year, even before the last contract expired July 1. Employers have said union-coordinated work slowdowns exacerbated the problem, and provided data that cargo has been moving at about half its normal rate since the fall. However, both the PMA and ILWU have committed to return to full productivity levels immediately.

The port bottlenecks have caused a ripple effect that is deep and wide across nearly every industry. From perishable foods to automotive parts to retail products, pretty much every supply chain along the way has been disrupted, causing missed shipments and unhappy customers. Per Port Strategy magazine, “When port operations slowdown, and cargo begins to build up, a port-wide gray chassis pool is said to be one of the best options for efficient chassis provisioning.”

The recent announcement of the establishment of the Pool of Pools, which will provide chassis for the transportation of containers between ports, rail yards, and cargo destinations, will be a major help for smoothing operations at the West Coast ports. Chassis providers at the ports have created a pool of chassis available to rent or lease to help move the containers.

Per the recent press release, “The participating pool managers will monitor usage of the fleet and cooperate on the positioning of chassis across the complex, and will utilize a third party service provider to facilitate operation of the concept. This third party service provider will audit cross-pool chassis usage to allow the pools to compensate one another for such usage on a regular basis, and assist in preventing the exchange of competitively sensitive information between the pools and chassis providers.”

This third party is International Asset Systems, which created ChassisManager to facilitate chassis provisioning. IAS ChassisManager enables asset providers to easily and conveniently rent their chassis to their motor carrier partners and other potential chassis users. It also enables motor carriers to easily register, receive rental agreement approval, monitor their rented chassis fleet, view and reconcile chassis rental charges, and easily download information for billing.

Globalization, Internationalization and IAS

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 by The IAS Team No Comments

IAS has released a new version of our DispatchManager application (called DM 2.6 if you track such things!). In addition to some mundane behind-the-scenes improvements, we have upgraded our reporting functionality. But the exciting bit is that we will also now support multiple languages! With this release we add Spanish and Simplified Chinese to English as options for users to select after they log in.

What’s the big deal? Well, IAS DispatchManager began as a North America-centric transportation work order processing and transport vendor management platform. However, over the last couple years our customer base has grown to include several global 3PLs. These companies saw the benefit of connecting their entire networks of motor carriers on one platform, through a single “data feed,” to comply with a standard set of processes and business requirements. What started with 3 countries in North America quickly expanded to more than 25 countries around the globe. English is generally the lingua franca for supply chain and goods transport worldwide, but with a growing concentration of activity in countries speaking Spanish and Simplified Chinese, the time was right to expand our capabilities. With the help of our translation partner Sajan, we will be adding additional languages to IAS DispatchManager in the future.

Our EquipmentRepair application has been live in almost 90 countries for many, many years. But I suspect the nature of goods transportation operations–and the people doing it–is different than that of depots, terminals, repairs and assets. For one thing, dispatchers and drivers involved in local pick-up and delivery, airfreight trucking and drayage are often with smaller, local enterprises. Another is that a high percentage of our DispatchManager users are actually logging onto the IAS portal to transact business, as opposed to remaining within in-house systems to which IAS integrates– the latter scenario is more common in the IAS EquipmentRepair world.

At any rate, we at IAS are excited to offer new language support in DispatchManager, dovetailing with the capabilities of our Client Services teams in Chicago and Hong Kong.

Retailers Import Into US For Holiday Rush Despite Port Issues

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by The IAS Team No Comments

The West Coast Longshoremen’s Contract is still under negotiation, but retailers continue to import merchandise into the US at above-average rates in order to be ready for the holiday shopping season. Retailers want to make sure that consumer demand during the holidays is met, so they are shipping products to alternative ports.

Import volume at U.S. ports is expected to total 1.47 million containers this month, according to a report issued by Global Port Tracker. This is down from the all-time monthly record of 1.53 million set in August as retailers imported merchandise early in case of any disruption on the docks. September has averaged 1.42 million containers over the past five years.

The contract between the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union expired on July 1, prompting concerns about potential disruptions that could affect back-to-school or holiday merchandise. A tentative agreement on health benefits was announced in August but both sides are continuing to negotiate on other issues as dockworkers remain on the job.

The National Retail Federation is forecasting a sales growth of 3.6 percent in 2014. While cargo volume does not correlate directly with sales numbers, it is still a good measure of forecasting retail sales expectations.

International Asset Systems (IAS) helps carriers improve drayage assignments, appointment times, invoicing, visibility, rates, and optimization for ocean, air, LCL/LTL, international and domestic moves. IAS Dispatch coordinates shippers’ needs with the resources of partners in their global transportation network, resulting in improved profit, improved equipment utilization, and improved customer satisfaction.

Congrats to 2012 CI Award winners

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IAS would like to congratulate all of the 2012 CI Awards winners. To learn more about the accomplishments driving their win, you can read more at

  • Global Ocean Carrier of the Year – Maersk Line
  • Regional Carrier of the Year – Turkon Line
  • Logistics Service Provider of the Year – Kuehne + Nagel
  • Logistics Service Provider highly commended – Raaziq International
  • Innovation IT of the Year – MJC2
  • Innovation IT  highly commended – DP World
  • Innovation Technology of the Year – Carrier Transicold
  • Innovation Technology highly commended – DP World
  • Environmental Campaign of the Year – Port of Los Angeles
  • Environmental campaign highly commended – Seafast Logistics
  • Investment in People Award – DP World
  • Investment in People highly commended – Port of Tyne
  • Investment in People highly commended – PD Ports
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award – Port of Salalah
  • Corporate Social Responsibility highly commended – Port of Koper
  • Shipper’s Choice Award – Hanjin Shipping
  • Port Authority of the Year – Peel Ports
  • Port Authority highly commended – Port of Los Angeles
  • Port Authority highly commended – Antwerp Port Authority
  • Terminal Operator of the Year – APM Terminals
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Jacques Saade, founder Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CMA
IAS sponsored and presented the award for Logistics Service Provider of the Year. We were thrilled to share the stage with winner Kuehne + Nagel as we know from working with K+N on DispatchManager what an innovative and customer-focused organization they are. We would also like to thank the customers that joined us at our table in raising a glass to the winners.

IAS introduces ChassisManager and first customer, HRCP, launches service at Port of Virginia

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ChassisManager facilitates the chassis rental process so motor carriers can more effectively manage their rented fleet

International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions for intermodal transportation and global cargo container shipping, announces ChassisManager, a solution for chassis providers to simplify the rental process and maximize asset utilization. ChassisManager helps chassis providers grow new chassis revenues, reduce chassis expenses, and ensure a stable supply of chassis assets to meet market demand all while making it easier for chassis users to secure the equipment they need.

“Ocean carriers continue to rapidly move away from chassis ownership and direct provisioning. In order to ensure a smooth transition from the old ocean carrier provisioning model to the new motor carrier based model, and to ensure a safe, consistent and reliable source of chassis to meet on-going customer demand, a mutually beneficial platform is required. ChassisManager meets this need and is coming to be accepted as the solution that the industry requires.” said Christopher Mazza, SVP of Business Development at IAS. “Even though chassis are a critical component in the intermodal chain of containerized cargo, many motor carriers and other chassis users do not know what to expect in terms of chassis availability, prices, and exceptions in the new chassis provisioning model. We address these issues with the ChassisManager solution.”


Congratulations to the Top Green Supply Chain Partners (Inbound Logistics)

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by The IAS Team No Comments

Inbound Logistics magazine recently named 75 companies as their Top Green Supply Chain Partners, several of which are IAS customers. The methodology for selecting these partners (G75) considers their involvement in corporate sustainability initiatives and collaborative customer-driven projects. Within this context, four benchmarks carry weight in deciding the winners: measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition.

IAS congratulates all the winners, but takes special pride in being involved with the following companies:

  • Werner Enterprises – (DispatchManager customer) – Reducing idle time by 33%, lowering carbon footprint by 209,171 tons, reducing amount of fuel burned by 19M gallons.
  • DHL (DispatchManager customer) – Offering GoGreen service to calculate and offset transport related emissions, improving fleet and technology.
  • APL  (InterChange and slotXchange customer) – Receiving the US Coast Guard’s Osprey award for excellence in marine environmental protection.
  • Maersk Line (Interchange and slotXchange customer) – Reducing vessel CO2 emissions by 15.6% per container shipped, working with shippers to optimize routing, match import & export loads, and seek best mode and route combinations.
  • MOL (slotXchange customer) – Utilizing next generation vessels that employ technologies to reduce CO2.
  • NYK Line (InterChange, slotXchange, DispatchManager, DispatchInvoice, and ChassisManager customer) – Monitoring operational efficiency of ships, set goal to reduce CO2 by 10% in 2013.
  • OOCL (InterChange, slotXchange customer) – Changing design of refrigerated container machinery to eliminate CFCs.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line (DispatchManager customer) – Opening LEED center with 19.7% energy savings, reducing water usage by 34%.
  • Swift Transportation (DispatchManager customer) – Operating a Clean Fleet that has won the Environmental Excellence Award from EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership.


IAS named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 Award

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by The IAS Team No Comments

Significant Impact on Clients’ Supply Chain Operations Lead to Reduced Transportation Spend and Improved Productivity

Oakland, CA, May 8, 2012 – International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions for intermodal transportation and global cargo container shipping, announces being named to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100. The annual award recognizes solutions providers, consultants, and other organizations that have helped lead the way in transforming customers’ supply and demand chains. IAS was chosen for making significant impact on clients’ supply chain operations, such as automating manual processes, improving visibility into logistics operations, reducing empty miles, speeding transactions, and improving customer service.


Florida East Coast Railway modernizes its equipment maintenance and repair management operations with solution from IAS

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SaaS-Based M&R Solution Affordable for Railways of Any Size

Oakland, CA, April 24, 2012International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions for intermodal transportation and global cargo container shipping, announces that Florida East Coast Railway, LLC (FEC) has implemented IAS® EquipmentRepair to modernize their equipment maintenance and repair operations. Automating the Maintenance & Repair (M&R) and re-billing processes will improve collections and provide compliance with FMCSA and other regulatory agencies. FEC gains increased revenues, streamlines processes, and yields better equipment utilization.


IAS adds business intelligence modules that provide critical insight into clients’ supply chain and transportation operations

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Better visualization and analysis of big data generated in container shipping and intermodal operations

International Asset Systems® (IAS), the leader in cloud-based solutions for intermodal transportation and global cargo container shipping, announces the availability of Business Intelligence (BI) modules that allow customers to better view and analyze the big data generated in their day-to-day equipment repair and dispatch operations. The ability to manage by exception and analyze critical business information allows decision makers to quickly decipher data to make better, informed decisions.